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Church of San Jacopo

Church of San Jacopo San Gimignano The Church of San Jacopo dei Templari is set at the end "Via Folgore da San Gimignano", by the exit from the city walls, and it is surrounded by olive trees. According to tradition, the Knights Templar of Jerusalem erected this Roman church back from the First Crusade, but it was certainly built later; it stands by the gate with the same name, on which the nuns had a covered overpass built in 1637 in order to access the church without being seen. The lower part of the fašade consists of a travertine covering which includes the round-arched portal, and a lintel with a coat of arms of the Templar Order. The upper part of the fašade is brick, with a finely decorated rose-window. The inside of this one-nave church houses frescoes depicting San Jacopo, to whom the church is dedicated. To be noted that all the churches of the Knights of Jerusalem, of the Knights Templar (defenders of the Jerusalem Temple), and of the Knights of Malta - all orders of warrior monks whose symbol was a Greek cross, clearly visible in San Gimignano on the three churches of San Jacopo, Santo Bartolo and San Francesco - had adjoining hospices to welcome the poor and the pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena towards the destination they wanted to reach for themselves or for someone else.

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