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Church of San Lorenzo in Ponte

Church of San Lorenzo in Ponte San Gimignano The Church of San Lorenzo in Ponte is located on the left, next to the large building of San Domenico (a former prison), originally the Castle of the Bishop and the first nucleus of the town. This Romanesque church was built in 1240.
Its open gallery was closed in1561 to house an oratory. Originally it was next to the drawbridge of the Bishop's castle that gave the name to the church (ponte means bridge).
The church is very simple, both outside and inside. Its brick fašade has got a portal surmounted by a canopy, by a small mullioned window, and by a very small bell tower.
Inside there is a cycle of frescoes depicting scenes of St. Benedict and, on the bottom, a large fresco with Christ in Glory, Virgin and 12 apostles by Cenni di Francesco di Ser Cenni around 1413.