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Church of Santo Bartolo

Coming from Piazza del Duomo, the Romanesque Church of St Bartolo it is located in Via San Matteo immediately after the Arch and the Palazzo della Cancelleria - recently renovated inside -, and after the steep street leading down to Via Capassi. The Church is devoted to St. Bartolo, a local saint who died in 1299 whilst attending the lepers at Lazzeretto di Cellole. A chapel in the Church of St. Agostino was later devoted to the saint as well.
Its beautiful brick fašade, built in 1173, has an elegant pattern with two raws of small blind arches of different size resting on semi-columns.
The portal is surmounted by a lintel decorated with the typical Greek Cross of the Knights of Jerusalm, who later developed into the Order of the Knights of Malta. Between the eleventh and the twelveth century, when it was part of village developping north of the first circle of the city walls, the church was devoted to St Matteo. For the same reason the current Chiesa di St Francesco, at the south end of the town, was given the name of the village in which it was included.

Opening time and tickets
Opening time and tickets