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San Gimignano Museum of sacred Art

Sacred Art in San Gimignano The Museum was created in 1915. It has recently been reorganized and includes works of art from convents, the Duomo and from churches of the area. The display exhibits remarkable paintings, sculptures, earthenware, rests of funerary monuments, bas-relieves, textiles and silverware.

Very interesting are the wooden sculptures dating from the 14th century: "The announcing Angel" and the "The Madonna", of which only the head and the shoulders still exist and the splendid illuminated psalm books and antiphonaries (books that contain verses which precede psalms) of Niccolò di Ser Sozzo and Lippo Vanni. "The Madonna of the Rose" (see picture above), part of a triptych by Bartolo di Fredi, is particularly loved from the inhabitants of San Gimignano.

In the Sacred Furniture room a precious enamelled cross from the beginning of XIV century and other extremely finely worked examples of goldsmith's art, embossed and engraved work can be admired.
In the vestment room are exposed lot of pieces from the very best craftsmanship that mostly date back to the 17th and 18th century as the "Paliotto delle colombe d'oro", that is a rare example of exceptional textile craftsmanship of the XV century.
In the same room is exposed a remarkable polychrome wooden statue from the beginning of XIV century from Francesco da Valdambrino that represents Sant'Antonio Abate.

Opening time and tickets
Opening time and tickets

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