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From 16/06/2017 to 18/06/2017

This event is part of
"Accade d'Estate
La bella stagione di San Gimignano"

All Summer events in San Gimignano.

Ferie delle Messi 2017
San Gimignano Medieval Festival, in Tuscany.

Medieval Festival in the heart of Tuscany, through the streets and squares of San Gimignano with markets of medieval arts and crafts. Storytellers, actors and musicians. During the Sunday afternoon: knights parade and tournament.

June 16th, 17th, 18th 2017


Organized by the Associazione Cavalieri di Santa Fina
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Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June - pm 16 to 20

Piazza delle Erbe
Reconstruction of a medieval market that offers highly philological key in the business and the art of the craftsmen of the time, by smiths, potters, filatrici, tanners, furriers, herbalists and shoemakers. "Ancient Crafts" Association from Medicina, Italy

Piazza della Cisterna, and Piazza delle Erbe
A real market for medieval objects, faithfully reconstructed, to buy a souvenir or for future entertainment. Things no longer produced, and which are proudly displayed only on the stalls set up on the occasion of this extraordinary festival.

FRIDAY 16 June

18.30 – Piazza Duomo
French sound
the Fanfarenzug Meersburg Exhibition.
Al termine, all on a journey following the fanfare to the Rock of Montestaffoli where the public will find the 'Taverna Wonderland', well to satisfy their taste buds.

19.30 – Rock of Montestaffoli
The very soft look (It dolcissimo sguardo)
Medieval Ensemble Performance in Dance and itinerant animation.

21.30 – Piazza Duomo
A drum swing
Tamburi Exhibition, flags, Trumpets and Dance Ensemble in the Middle Ages (The Knights of Santa Fina in the show)
After the Giullar Jocoso and the Lady of the Moon are: "Lumina et enchants" (Fire Magic)
The three scheduled appointments will be preceded by brief interventions by the association Giullareria art.

Saturday 17 June

11.30 – From Porta San Giovanni and Porta San Matteo to the Rock of Montestaffoli for the opening of Taverna Wonderland.
A march which
Group of drums parade, Trumpets and flags of the Knights of Saint Fina.

11.40 – Piazzetta Buonaccorsi
Guardians of the Goose Group Exhibition

12.15 – Piazza Duomo
"Ages favula" with The Guardians of the Goose

12.00 – Rock of Montestaffoli
The battle of Cupid
Group Exhibition of Larciano Historical Archers and Archers Group Castelvecchio and Dance Ensemble in the Middle Ages.

12.00 – Rock of Montestaffoli
To destroy the walls and armor lacerar
Exhibition of medieval war machines

From 12 – Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Cisterna
The shouts of San Gimignano
Construction of a large medieval market

From 15.30 to 19.00
Animation traveling by the troupe "The Guardians of the Goose" along with some of the association artists Arteare

16.45 – Piazza Duomo
A magnificent apparatus
Entrance of the Four Districts of San Gimignano for the public presentation of its aftermath Knights will compete in the Giostra dei Bastoni.

17.30 – Piazza Duomo
A maze of towels
Race of the braid between the youth of the Four Districts.

18.00 – Piazza Duomo
Triumphs of Force
Tug of war between the Ercoli of the Four Districts

18.30 – Piazza Duomo
A view from above
Flights and acrobatics of hawks and birds of prey by the Master Falconry.

19.30 – Piazza Duomo
Exhibition of flag-waving of the City of L'Aquila. Al termine, on the way to the Rock.

20.00 – Rock of Montestaffoli
A falcon friend
Learn while as a treat, hawks and raptors

21.30 – Piazza Duomo
With the participation of Fanfarenzug of the Middle Ages in Meersburg Ensemble Dance and Drums Group, Flags and trumpets of the Knights of Santa Fina.

22.30 – Piazza Duomo
At the court of the enchantments
Performance of music, fires, stilts and other surprises edited by Arteare with The Guardians of the Goose and Shezan Genius.

Sunday 18 June

Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Cisterna
Setting up of an ancient medieval market

Rock of Montestaffoli
Exhibition of medieval war machines

11.30 – Rock of Montestaffoli
Opening of Taverna Wonderland

11.45 – Porta San Giovanni Porta San Matteo
The Gates of the City
Parade of flag-waving of the Eagle City with performances at Porta San Giovanni.

12.00 – Piazza Duomo
The Rite of Purification
Triumphal entry of the Four Districts, Knights on their steeds, to the greetings of the Podesta, the 'Benedictio' the minister of God, and the greetings of the First Citizen.

12.30 – Piazza Duomo
A magnificence of sounds
Group exhibition of the Drums, Trumpets and flags of the Knights of Saint Fina. Al termine, on the way to the fortress where, among the smells of the Germans-laid in the Tavern of Wonders, s'imparerΰ the art of well-conducting real hawks and raptors.

14.30 – Rock of Montestaffoli
Cupid Sleepless
Competition between the archers of the Four Districts of Santa Fina Knights

15.00 – Piazza Duomo
Trumpets the great warriors clash
With the participation of Fanfarenzug Meersburg

15.30 – Piazza Duomo
Performances by the Ensemble for Medieval Dance Group

16.00 – Via San Matteo to Piazza Duomo
A volteggiar of signs
Fashion show and exhibition of flag-waving of the Eagle City

16.30 – Piazza Duomo
A hunting with falcons
Flights of hawks with hunting strategies by the Master Falconry.

17.00 – From Porta San Matteo Porta San Giovanni and the Parco della Rocca
Parade Messi
An unforgettable sight, a ritual beyond the dream, an ancient inspiration, with over 500 listed.

18.00 – Parco della Rocca
Delivery of Masgalano (award for the best district)
the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race)
A breathtaking race to be the first to strike. A thrilling race, in even dangerous traits. Harbinger of great joy or great disappointments.

19.30 – Piazza Duomo
La SpadA d’Oro
Knight Returns to the winner by the Podesta of the Golden Sword, the scope coveted prize in the Giostra dei Bastoni, e del Drappellone alla Contrada vincitrice.

Be praise and honor!

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