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San Gimignano - Guide to the town - Piazza Pecori

Piazza Pecori and Palazzo della Propositura

Between the Duomo and the Palazzo Comunale, on the left side of the church, there is a ramp leading to Piazza Pecori, a square named after a local personality, Luigi Pecori, a priest fond of local history who was born in 1811 and died in1864. The square is also known as Piazza della Propositura. On the right side of the square there is the Lodge of Announciation, also called the Lodge of the Baptistery, because of a hexagonal font by Giovanni di Cecco ordered in 1472 by the members of the Guild of Wool.
The font is beautifully engraved with scenes depicting the Baptism of Jesus. The wall at the bottom of the Lodge boasts a beautiful fresco of the Announciation ascribed to Domenico Ghirlandaio. On the left side of the square there is Palazzo della Propositura, built on a portion of soil that belonged to the Town Hall before the Asset Swap of 1288. The fašade has beautiful mullioned windows. In front of the Propositura there is a small well covered with a brick shelter dating back to the late seventeenth century. The Museo di arte Sacra (Sacred Art Museum) is set in the lower part of square in a building that formerly housed the Chapelains' Dormitory. Untill 1600 the square appeared as a large cloister annexed to the ancient Pieve.