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L'Antico Pozzo

The building, now completely restored, preserves the original style of the 15th century, although the earliest part dates back to the middle ages and the founding of the town itself: traces remain of the well and the area around it. It was donated to a religious order who inhabited it until the end of the 17th century.
The hotel is located in the historic center of San Gimignano on the main street San Matteo. It is possible to access hotel by car by following same directions for parking lot #3 but pass parking lot, traffic light then follow signs to hotel.
Access is permitted for loading and unloading.

From the moment you enter your charming rooms till the moment you step into the "Sala Rosa", you will find yourself in another age, where everything has been done to preserve the charm of former times.

Private bathroom
Air conditioning
Satellite TV
Direct telephone
parking facilities

Via San Matteo, 87
Telephone: +39 0577 942014
Telefax: +39 0577 942117