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Balducci Ceramica

As you walk up from Piazza del Duomo on the right towards the Rocca fortress, by the foot of the Cathedral bell tower, you will find a craftsman's workshop where art, clay, music and passion blend together in magical harmony: here, Franco Balducci and his wife Esther Vogeli welcome you into

the world of ceramic art.

They opened the shop in 1990 to showcase this fascinating ancient craft; you can watch Franco working at the potter's wheel or Esther making charming clay animals.

Their unique pottery for everyday use or for decoration is made of stoneware fired at 1300 degrees celsius, glazed with original and refined colours...

... an unforgettable visit!

The town of San Gimignano has commissioned four works by Franco Balducci on public display: two plaques on the Town Hall in Piazza del Duomo (1998), one in Via Folgore opposite the museums (2004), and a sculpture "traveler of peace" in Vicolo Diacceto (2007).

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