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Pantani Arte San Gimignano

We have been running a family-owned business in the field of art and wooden craftwork for over eighty years. In these times of mass production, we aim at quality and we produce unique and original objects. In our workshop, along in a peaceful secondary street of the historical centre, a bit out of the main tourist itineraries, we create artistic picture frames, decorative pieces and sculptures in wood, innovative objects following the best Italian traditional techniques. In our store, which is located in the main street of the city centre, we offer a large choice or oil paintings, original watercolours, hand-coloured printings: works of different artists that we have selected on the basis of quality and origin. We feature in particular printings, postcards, and bookmarks drawn and painted by Massimo Pantani that depict the character of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet of the well-known novel written by the Tuscan writer Carlo Collodi in the late nineteenth century. We are sure that our works will be of interest to both art enthusiasts, who are always looking for something unusual, and tourists who want to bring back home a nice, locally-produced souvenirs.


Via San Matteo, 74 - Via San Martino, 32
Telephone: +39 0577 940741
Mobile: +39 349 7743726