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Osteria delle Catene

Welcome to our Restaurant Osteria delle catene!

We'll be honoured to have you as our welcome guests at "Osteria delle Catene", and we hope that you'll have a great time here.
At "Osteria delle Catene" you will savour the typical Tuscan kitchen: we've chosen the best of our local products to create our dishes, and added a bit of fantasy to combine it all.
Among these products, San Gimignano's Saffron � which we conceived a series of dishes for � and the local game.
You can start with a saffron soup (which we presented in Turin on the occasion of the Workshop "Laboratorio del Gusto" in 1998), or with Pici (homemade, thick, short spaghetti) with the local chianina meat sauce, and go on with hare cooked in three different wines. This dish was created in order to use our three local wines at the same time.
Our homemade desserts are something you cannot miss!
And you could get lost in our wine list, which features 110 local and Tuscan labels, which we've accurately chosen among the best ones!

We wish you a good stay and, most of all.

Gino and Virgilio

Via Mainardi , 18
Telephone: +39 0577 574998 - 0577 941966
Telefax: +39 0577 941966