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Viviana Girola - Guida turistica


Hello! I welcome you to Tuscany !

Will you visit Siena? Will you measure the height of the towers in San Gimignano, go through the Classic Chianti area, taste the Brunello wine in Montalcino, discover Pienza and Montepulciano, learn everything about the Francigena way?

Here is your guide!

My name is Viviana Girola , I'm a Regione Toscana licenced tourist guide in the province of Siena, I live in Tuscany in a medieval village near Monteriggioni. I published a best selling guide book about San Gimignano, I am an oenotourist guide and I currently work for individuals as well as for agencies and American, Canadian, Japanese and Italian tour operators.

I love reading books on the Middle Ages, so I know this subject very well, as well as visiting farms and discovering new flavours, I also like shopping very much and I know every hidden shop or boutique in the area.

Visiting Siena and its territory with an experienced guide who lives there and knows the territory very well is the best way of deeply understanding and appreciating the area, a land rich in history and stories, art and artists, palaces built by rich merchants and bankers, deep rooted but still living traditions, a land where great attention is given to environmental preservation and to its rich and fruitful agriculture.
So you're choosing the best guided tour in Siena and surrounding area !

I'm a professional tour guide, I'm not a travel agent.

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