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L'Antico Pozzo

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L'Antico Pozzo

L'Antico Pozzo

L’Antico Pozzo  is centrally located along the ancient Via Francigena, now via San Matteo, within the ancient walls of the medieval old town, in the less congested part of  town, away from the daily crowd.

Thanks to skilled restoration many of the original features have been saved – protected by  the Italian Heritage. You are entering into the charm and elegance of a stately home, not only a hotel.

L’Antico Pozzo has 18 charateristic rooms, giving guests a wonderful harmony of authentic, historic, Tuscan interiors and modern necessity.

We are three siblings, different in many ways, but united in our passion for hospitality and our desire to give you an authentic and pleasurable experience, surrounded by the warmth of our family welcome that has always distinguished us.

From the nightfall until breakfast, you will relive history in our old building. Drift off to sleep in the evening  and awake in the morning to enjoy a full buffet breakfast in an atmosphere of past centuries in the Sala Rosa or in the lovely court-yard.

There are further steps down to forgotten passages and cellars where you can still discover ancient fragments of pottery, all providing excitement and mystery for an unforgettable and romantic getaway in San Gimignano.

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L'Antico Pozzo

Via San Matteo, 87  53037 SAN GIMIGNANO (SI)
Telephone: +39 0577 942014
Fax: +39 0577 942117
Web Site: http://www.anticopozzo.com
Email: info@anticopozzo.com


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