Guided Tours in San Gimignano

                                    GUIDED TOURS IN THE CITY CENTRE AND
                                      GUIDED WALKING TOURS ON THE HILLS
                                                  OF SAN GIMIGNANO 


                      History, art, cultur, landscape, nature,  food and wine, discovering the surrounding territory...
                   Choose the tour that you prefer, ask for details and reservartions at  the Tourist Information Centre:  
                                     Piazza Duomo, 1 - Tel. 0577 940008 - 

                                  IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER THE CITY CENTRE

Guided walking tour of San Gimignano under the banner of Dante: History, Towers, Art, View points
At 11.00 am and 4.00 pm (at 4.30 pm from June 07, 2021) - Langues: Italian and English
Stops of the tour:  Exhibition "San Gimignano nel 1300" - Via San Giovanni / Torre dei Cugnanesi  ( San Giovanni Street/Cugnanesi Tower)-  Panoramic point -  Piazza della Cisterna (Cistern Square) -  Piazza del Duomo (the Cathedral Square),  Palazzo del Podestà (Old Podesta's Palace),   la Collegiata (the cathedral),  il Palazzo del Comune (The Town Hall), Corte del Palazzo del Podestà (Courtyard of the Town Hall)  – Centre for the documentation and tasting of Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine, the fortress "Rocca di Montestaffoli"
Organization: Arte e Natura nelle Terre di Siena con Maddalena e Riccardo

Guided walking tour of the medieval town along lanes, squares and towers
History, art, legend and tradition - Languages: Italian and English
Monday to Saturday: at 10.15 am and 5.00 pm 
Sunday: At 5.00 pm

Organization: Tourist Guides Catia Vermigli and Laura Venturi

Guided walking tour of San Gimignano in Italian and English, with information about the historical, artistic and monumental heritage of our Town
Sunday: at 11.00 a.m. 
Organization: Associazione Centro Guide Siena



EVERY DAY - On request:
Guided walking tours on the hills of San Gimingno of 3, 6, 10 km
Organization: Environmental Guide Dr. Bruno Squartini

EVERY DAY - On request
"Verso il calar del sole" (Towards the sun set"): trekking of about  9 km  in the countryside of San Gimignano, to discover the history of the landscape of San Gimignano in order to reach the most beautiful panoramic points, and to go back to the city centre under the warm light of the sun set.
Organization: Guida escursionistica e turistica Erica Masini































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