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Locanda dei Logi

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Locanda dei Logi

Locanda dei Logi

The older brothers – Giampiero and Stefano – were easily and happily involved in this adventure. Few kilometers far from Sn Gimignano, a place of relax plunged between wine yard.

The Logi’s Inn is located in the former rectory and buildings of the small Romanesque San Donato church. Along the Via Francigena, the Inn keeps an original medieval style and overlooks our Vernaccia vineyards so as the bright Tuscan countryside up to Castellina in Chianti.

The Castelvecchio Reserve with its Mediterranean scrub and the oak forest made of Turkey and downy oak welcomes you in this ideal place making it perfect for a relaxing stay surrounded by nature. The Logi family, winemakers from San Gimignano, will help you enjoying an unforgettable sensorial experience discovering scents, flavors, and territory.

The Logi’s Inn consists of a central building with 6 rooms and few common areas, living room, bar area, and tasting room. The use of brick, wood and stones bring you back in the pass and tell all about the history of this place. The use also of material in warm colors, the marble in the bath-rooms and the brass details, create together with the surrounding a wrapping harmony.

In a further building nearby a wine bar is also located; there you can taste and buy all the wines from the Colombaio di Santa Chiara.


Surrounded by Vernaccia vineyards, the Logi’s Inn has always been intimately connected to wine. The three Logi brothers, Giampiero, Stefano and Alessio, managers and winegrowers, founded Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara wine estate in 2000.

The renovation of the Inn, that is to say the former rectory and buildings of the ancient San Donato church, began in 2016, in order to give life to a place where sharing their deep passion for this territory.

The restoration project was designed by StudioMAM of San Gimignano by Elena Masci, Andrea Andreuccetti and Lorenzo Malavasi. This project has aimed to combine architecture and design respecting the original style of the buildings, maintaining the exterior Medieval lines and using interior design materials related to the territory, such as terracotta, wood and stone. A way to show the uniqueness of this place and its history, updated according to a contemporary, warm and functional language.

The Romanesc Church of San Donato

In historical documents in which we find shorts descriptions of the church and the San Donato hamlet, you find a very old denomination of the up to date San Donato extra muros or San Donato de Castrotevere (of Castelvecchio).

The word “extra muros” is mentioned in order to distinguish San Donato del contado from San Donato al Santuccio, that was anciently placed on the Via delle fonti of San Gimignano. The first information about San Donato was on 22nd June 971: here it was mentioned to an “ancient hamlet or villa and church”.

Locanda dei Logi

Località San Donato 1 53037 SAN GIMIGNANO (Siena)
Mobile: +39 392 5068229
Web Site: http://www.locandadeilogi.it
Email: info@locandadeilogi.it

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